Voyagers is your first venture into the Nest Arcade mini-verse to discover $NEST rich quests. Become a voyager and take part in hyper casual games, compete in tournaments and join a community of blockchain adventurers.

Only 4,444 Known Voyagers

Voyagers are unique and only 4,444 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been known to exist. Each Voyager is made up of stunning visuals, traits and designs. Over 272+ attributes have been discovered. 
Voyagers are unique and only 4,444 non-Voyager traits include female, male, zombies, warriors, zombies, civilians and much more.

Voyagers Coming Soon To
Nest Arcade!

Get a sneak peek of whats coming! Nest Arcade launching on IOS and Google Play shortly after mint. Enter the mini-verse and use voyagers in multiple hyper casual mobile P2E games