MetaBirds is a group of NFT collections with P2E games that will land exclusively on Nest Arcade ?

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MetaBirds x Nest Arcade

MetaBirds is an NFT collection of 1,600 unique and playable birds on Solana. The NFTS will be playable characters in upcoming MetaBirds games.

The initial game being “Flappy Chirb” – A flappy bird inspired play-to-earn game. The game will implement complex features such as multiplayer, betting, power-ups and enhanced gameplay!

MetaBirds Are Currently Trading On Magic Eden:

Over time, MetaBirds will release additional NFT collections of playable characters for new games as they develop.

Stay up to-date on the latest MetaBirds developments by visiting the Nest Arcade twitter page:

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Nest Twitter @TheNestArcade

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MetaBirds Website Section:


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