Casual Web3 Gaming Arcade on Solana

Nest is a casual Web3 gaming arcade with skilled based betting. Bet & Earn 2X $NESTA tokens! Play With NFTS across multiple games.


Bet $NESTA For The Chance To 2X Your Wager

Use $NESTA to make bets playing hyper casual games. Bet $NESTA and collect up 2X the amount wagered!


Voyagers NFT Coming Soon!

4,444 Voyagers venturing into the Nest Arcade mini-verse to discover $NEST rich quests. Stake Voyager NFTS and earn $NESTA to play in Nest Arcade games.


Compete In Nest Tournaments

Compete in tournaments playing action arcade games for a chance to earn $SOL and $NESTA prizes! – More info coming soon!

Join Nest Arcade

Join the Nest Arcade community.